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Vivir Mejor

90 seconds daily radio spot

The purpose of the program is to share key ideas to improve different aspects of life, such as: your relationship with God, marital relationship, paternity, finances, self-esteem, work, friendship, and many other areas.

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D.C. Ministries was incorporated originally in Texas on April 14, 1992. On February 2002, the ministry headquarters moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The ministries vision is to help local churches in their task of fulfilling the great work of expanding the Kingdom of God.

During the first 10 years of existence, D.C. Ministries worked hard helping churches in over 100 cities and 4 continents. Since 2002, we concentrated in the United States, with the vision of contributing to a revival throughout this country.

We are here to serve you in areas of evangelism, leadership training, consulting to grow your church and much more. We love you in the Lord!

Pastor Daniel L. Catarisano